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Ответвления Call of Duty: Black Ops для консоли PlayStation Vita. Релиз игры состоялся 13 ноября 2012 года.

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Описание: Call of Duty: Ghosts - новая часть в серии Call of Duty. Название игры ассоциирует её с

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Class selection in Black Ops II. The multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Black Ops II takes place in the near future setting of 2025. The multiplayer
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Critical response . Call of Duty: Ghosts received mixed to positive reviews from critics. It was praised for its multiplayer gameplay and introduction of
Terminal is a medium sized multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, based on the campaign mission "No Russian". Terminal has been remade and
Join us in Black Ops History. in celebration of the largest Call of Duty Beta ever, immortalize yourself along with the black ops community to commemorate